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Terms of Service

eBrochure is dedicated to giving you and your email marketing recipients the best service possible. This means we will never share, rent, or sell your information with any commercial parties. We will never spam you, and we expect the same. If you are an eBrochure client or interested in our services, please take the time to read and understand our policies.

eBrochure's Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping personal information private and secure for both you and anyone on the receiving end of eBrochure-delivered email. Our goal in providing our privacy policy is to sustain a safe environment for your business and your recipients, and ensuring private information remains private.

The only visitor information we collect on our website is how many visitors we have and how long they stay. Our web server does not automatically recognize personal information. We do not use cookies to store your personal information.

We only collect the email addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail and information volunteered by our clients, such as survey information. Our staff uses this data to improve the layout or content of our website or to contact our clients or potential customers regarding service and product updates. In short, we will use your information to make our services better.

We will never share your information with any other commercial business. We will never sell or rent your audience email lists or any information regarding those lists.

eBrochure does not currently use cookies. If we decide to implement cookies, it will be to store visitor preferences and record session information in order to provide faster, better, more personalized service when you return to our site.

We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies.

The only way we will use your information is for billing purposes, for maintenance and support, to inform you of upcoming product and service updates, or to ask you how we can improve our services.

You will be able to opt-out of eBrochure's email services at any time. In keeping with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, all of your email broadcast recipients will also have opt-out options at all times.

Our servers meet industry standards for encryption technology and your information will always remain safe during sending and transferring of customer data.

As outlined above, eBrochure is committed to never giving away your (or your client's) personal information.

To that end, we expect our clients to do the same. Our email marketing services are permission-based, which means it is designed to let your business or organization send broadcasts to those who want them. In order to comply with eBrochure's privacy policy, be sure that you only send your email broadcasts to the following recipients:

  • Those who have "opted-in" or signed up to receive your emailsThose with whom you share a business relationship (i.e., a paying customer or an organization member)
  • Those who have "opted-in" or signed up to receive your emails
  • Those who have knowingly given you their email addresses with the knowledge that you will use it for email broadcasts
  • Those who have purchased a product or service from you in the past 18 months

Help us give you great service by making sure your account contact information is up-to-date. This way, we'll be able to contact you easily for important changes or updates.

If and when our information practices change, we will post the policy changes on this page. If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, we invite you to contact us with your concerns. Alternatively, you can also contact the local chapters of the Better Business Bureau.

If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please contact us and we will remove you from our list.

eBrochure's Spam Policy

In addition to our privacy policy, eBrochure is dedicated to keeping a strict anti-spam policy. We abide by federal anti-spam laws effective in January 2004 that were created in order to reduce the negative effects of spam on all email users. Our spam policy is twofold: 1) We promise to never spam our clients or sell/share client information with those who might misuse the information for spam, and 2) we expect our clients never to spam us or the recipients of their lists.

eBrochure's email marketing programs are permission-based, eliminating the "need" to spam. Audience lists are cultivated from people who are already interested in your product or services. Permission email marketing gives legitimate marketers a more effective and less obtrusive alternative to sending emails.

We take the following measures to ensure that our services are not used to send spam:

  • Limited trial accounts. If you sign up for a trial account, you will have a limit to the number of people in your audience lists (Pro) or number of emails you can send (xPress).
  • Opt-in tools. True permission will have to be granted in order for you to keep recipients on your mailing lists.
  • List verification. We do not allow large lists to be automatically uploaded without approval and review by our staff.
  • Reply-to and from verification. Address must be verified for legitimacy to prevent spoofing.
  • Unsubscribe link on every email, every time. All of your email marketing broadcasts MUST have an unsubscribe option. Once a recipient unsubscribes, they cannot be re-added without their permission.
  • Agreement is clear. We are up front about our policies. Our users are required to sign our agreement and verify list hygiene each time they upload an audience list.
  • Abuse Desk Automated and Reviewed. All abuse requests are automatically tabulated and recorded for the customers' accounts. If our customers receive an unacceptable percentage of complaints, then we disable the account until we can successfully follow-up with the account's administrator.
  • ISP and Blacklist Relations. We strive to maintain a constant dialogue with ISPs and Blacklists. We are more than happy to share our processes, procedures and are open to receiving input on how we can refine our processes for the better. ISPs and Blacklist administrators please feel free to contact us.

For more information about spam, click here to visit the FTC's recent law enforcement actions and suggestions.


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