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Find out what eBrochure Pro Email marketing software has to offer

eBrochure Pro is the marketing software that does the professional work for you. Get the bang for your buck with its straightforward, step-by-step process. Here are a few of eBrochure Pro's highlights:

  • Easy 1-2-3 process from beginning to end
  • Robust audience search and segment options
  • Customized email templates by our experienced designers
  • Advanced contact management
  • Advanced email proofing that checks for misplaced content, image issues and ensures high rates of deliverability
Email Marketing Features

PLAN: Organize and Build Your Audience Lists

Import unsolicited audience lists and individual contacts
Customize your subscription form for each audience list
Create audience list sign-up forms
Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe contacts
Filter and export your contact lists
Search and segment your audience lists
Advanced search and saved search options

SEND: Create and Manage Your Campaigns

Upload an email campaign form from your own HTML file
Send both HMTL and text campaigns for automatic delivery
Create custom-designed and stylish templates
Upload and store images
Upload and store documents *
Personalize each emails with audience list data
Proof campaigns for problematic content before delivery
Automatic unsubscribe and Forward-To-A-Friend feature
Let recipients manage and change their preferences
Automated email date-based triggering and scheduling
CAN SPAM Act of 2003 compliant
Complex querying using nested AND/OR functions
* Additional charges may apply

ANALYZE: Send, Track, and Manage Message Results

Export deliverability reports
Access results in real time
View totals for emails received, opened, clicked, and forwarded
View individual subscriber message history
Archive past campaign results online and link to past campaigns from your website
Instantly compare results from multiple campaigns side-by-side

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